The Battle Creek Model Railroad Club was originally organized in 1949.  It was active in varying degrees until 1965 when it went inactive.  In the winter of 1973-74, the group was reactivated and has been involved in various railroad projects since then.  Club members were involved with the creation of the Z.O. & O. Railroad at Binder Park Zoo. 

They have assisted with and sponsored model railroad conventions including the National Model Railroad Association’s North Central Region Convention held in Battle Creek in 1985 and participated in various local exhibits.

Previously, the primary membership activity had been the construction and operation of two modular railroads, one in HO Scale and one in N Scale, both of which were at the club’s current location at 2 West Michigan Ave, in Downtown Battle Creek, Michigan. 

Before obtaining this excellent location for our railroads, the HO Scale railroad was exhibited at various locations in Battle Creek, specifically at Kimball House Museum the Comerica Bank Building and the UAC Family Place during the Festival of Lights, and several exhibitions at McCamly Place.  In addition, we have had several exhibits of Lionel equipment at various locations, and activity involving the N Scale Railroad have ceased.

The HO scale named the “Cereal Belt Industrial Railroad—CBIR”, is the scene of active construction and expansion.  The original layout was constructed to strict NMRA modular standards.  The result was a layout that was easy to move for various exhibits, and easy to assemble in various configurations.  As time went on the prospect of disassembling, moving, and reassembling the layout became less appealing, the modules began to deviate from the published standards, and the result is the present layout.  The main loop consists of two operating mainlines, running in opposite directions, which allows for continuous operation.  Many of the modules have been modified by their owners to allow for a variety of switching operations.  The first major addition was a large switch yard located at the northwest corner of the layout.  This area allows trains to be generated and switched onto the main line.  There are crossovers that allow trains to be moved between the two main lines. 

A second addition was a series of oversized modules, 30 inches wide rather than the 24 inch standard, adding the peninsula in the center of the main loop.  The peninsula was built 6 inches higher than the rest of the layout, and connected via a long grade to the west side of the layout.  The peninsula currently under construction is intended to be an extensive industrial switching area.  It can be operated independently of the main loop, and it will be possible to move trains between the two.  Additionally a second grade, back to the mainline, has been constructed to allow trains to return directly to the main line on the east side.

Recently the layout has been rewired allowing for “Command Control” that allows an operator to control the train from anywhere on the layout without the need for block control.  This will allow more prototypical operations.  In addition the members decided it was time for a “traveling layout”, for exhibition to the public.  Work is in progress on a new modular railroad for that purpose with a trailer outfitted to haul it to various locations.  Concurrently, a project to install color television camera in the nose of a HO locomotive which will give spectator the impression of riding in the cab of the locomotive.

Club business meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month, except during July and August.  Work and operation session are held on Tuesday and Thursday evening, and occasionally, Saturday mornings.  We are always looking for new members, and membership is open to anyone interested in model railroading.  Affiliation with other model railroad organizations is encouraged but is not required for membership.

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